2019 Barber Grammys

In 2018 The Connecticut Barber Expo team of Advisors, led by Master Barber and Founder Jay Majors, set out on a crusade seeking the top barber influencers, movers and shakers in the industry.

They found it extremely hard to narrow down the Nominees considering there were an abundance of qualified individuals in the rapidly growing Men’s Grooming Category.

The 2019 Barber Grammy Awards is a Grammy inspired event and the Nominees chosen were carefully selected based upon their day-to-day actions in the shop, around their communities and on social media including activities at several hair shows across the nation.

In fact Jay Majors himself Quoted “If we were to nominate all of the Barbers making moves in the industry, the awards night would easily turn into a month long event.”

On behalf of the CT Barber Expo Team we would like to congratulate all of the 2019 Barber Grammy Nominees. Your dedication and perseverance is truly recognized.

To all others who were not nominated this year, continue your efforts- we are confident this awards event will not be the first or last for you.

Lastly, we would love for you to join us at the Connecticut Barber Expo official Pre-Party/Barber Grammy’s on Saturday May 18th 2019. This event will be open to the public and VIP Ticket holders at 8:30 PM as that is when the awards ceremony will begin and please keep in mind that all Nominees are to arrive at 7 PM.

Educator of the Year: Nominees

These Nominees have the most activity and bookings in 2018.
They have provided countless hours of educational instruction through online seminars and live video streaming offering their knowledge and skilled experience to Barbers and Stylists across the world.

Chris Bossio


Darrin Lyons


Josh Lamonaca


Tyrik Jackson


Entrepreneur of the Year: Nominees

These Nominees are the true success stories that include school and shop owners, brand creators and distributors.
They have a proven track record and have displayed consistency in the business side of the hair industry in 2018.

Chuka Torres


Erskine Reeves


Louie Merlot


Gregg Fritsch


Hometown Heroes of the Year: Nominees

A State of Connecticut Category for true local Entrepreneurs. These four Nominees were making a name for themselves prior to social media. They were chosen for their consistent employment efforts provided to their communities in the last decade. Shop owners and school owners who took leaps into building their own product lines and brands.

Axel Merced


Elexio Lopez


Gary Olmstead


Al Martinez


Hypebeast of the Year: Nominees

This is a unique Category ,from hip-hop fashion wearing leaders to creating one of a kind dope content on social media that includes high quality visuals and thinking outside the box. Their energy and passion speaks to their lifestyle.

Byrd Mena


Diego Elizarraras


Julius Caesar


Sofie Pok


Positive Influencer of the Year: Nominees

Over several years these Nominees have given positive feedback, tips, pointers and encouragement for their social media followers and up and coming Barbers & Stylists around the world. They actively engage and establish relationships with their followers spreading positive industry related vibes to all those ready to listen.

Marlon Sousis


Rick Morin


Sofie Pok


Tyrik Jackson


Rookie of the Year: Nominees

Within a few years of stepping onto the scene, these young four individuals have made a strong impact in a short period of time. They have been steady in their grind and behind the chair displaying clean work and content on social media nonstop. In a world where the younger generation thrives on instant gratification, these Nominees are definitely putting in the work.

Daniel Contreras


Isiah Ford


Victor Fontanez


Pati Plymire


YouTube Sensation of the Year: Nominees

While everyone focused on Instagram these Gentlemen were plugging away ay YouTube Subscribers. They constantly dropped content and educational videos producing millions of views. Their work has not gone unnoticed.

Amorial Bennet


Chris Bossio


David Falla


Jarrod Stovall